Maelstrom Manlymantle

2-Appearance, 9-Style.


Maelstrom Manlymantle is a proud edition to the Manlymantle line. Strong and couragous there is no danger that can scare this dwarven lump of ale fuled fury. Quite old, Maelstrom has seen a lot of varied adventures and escapades in his life. One most challenging being the overseeing of two ‘problem’ pupils. A Memory he often trys to forget through the constant consumption of Ale and any other alchoholic beverage he can get his hands on. Though successfully blotting out the pain from those years it does lead to his judgement being a little…flawed sometimes, logic sometimes deludes him when “Going in and just hitting shit with his axe” Seems like a viable option more times than most.

Luckily for him being a barbarian he is normally able to see through this plan with no problem. He is strong and well versed in battle, with several centuries of Experiance under his belt, despite his poor manners and short temper due to the alchoholism, he is a viable ally to have that will often pull his party members out of a tough spot when they need it most. Get past the drinking and you can find that Mal is a Loyal and brave soul that will always take one for the team.

Maelstrom Manlymantle

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