A Journey of unlikely outcomes

Day one.
Starting off with Flying colours...

(To be edited later)
The story begins with our three adventurers taking a pit stop in a tavern on their way back from a mighty adventure. While there they discover a great danger off a little journeys away from their resting place and decide to investagate. Overhearing the conversation they are joined by the odd drawrven Barbarian Maelstrom Manlymantle who offeres to assist them on their journey assuring them it will be dangerous.

Along their way they are attacked by a pack of hungry looking wolves. The battle is intense and dangerous untill the brave elven Cleric (Sarah’s character) Manages to almost communicate with the pack alpha, causing it to call off the attack with only one minor loss to it’s pack. Joining the group the wolf seems to do no harm, but is still wary of the other members.

After a night of arguments between the Ranger and the Rouge of the group (The Ironforged and the Teifling) A ‘tantrum’ accidently leads to the discovery of a strange red mist leading off into the distance leading to a strange cave enterance. Deciding to investagate the team enter the cave. After many poor atempts in the past the ranger is able to pull off a daring feat with a magic curtain cape she had aquired in previous battles, managing to free the way to a blocked path that lead down the labrynth like cave towards their ending destination.

Battling goblins along the way with the genius tactics of the Rouge they cleverly beat all their opponents and are now that much closer to finding the sorce of the strange red mist…

What awaits our players next…?


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